Alan Phillips

Alan Phillips Architects (APA) was established in 1972 as a community of building design professionals who all subscribe all to the ethos that good design is a considered response to human need.

APA has over 30 years experience in Architectural practice, with award winning projects ranging from public buildings to interior design, furniture & research.

APA recently formed a sister practice (APZED) specializing in zero-emission design. The first project in Brighton (Portzed) has been awarded government funding to stand as a demonstration project for sustainable communities and the future development and regeneration of Shoreham Port.

Architecture is a practical activity. It is also an intellectual activity. APA have always combined practice with education, writing, and research in order to equip the group with the broadest possible range of professional skills in response to a diverse and dynamic portfolio of issues and circumstances.

In recognition of this holistic approach to the practice of architecture, Alan Phillips was awarded an Honorary Professorship ‘for his acclaimed profile as Architect, Designer, Urbanist and Author.’

APA and APZED remain committed to improving the lives of people by making healthy buildings that are fit for purpose through an optimum relationship between form, function & cost.

APA express a concern for history by celebrating the best for the past in equal measure to an enthusiasm for suture environments and for those who will come to enjoy them.